Thursday, November 29, 2007

CNN In The Tank With Democrats

CNN’s last two debates have been filled with Democrat plants. And they haven’t even been difficult to discover either. I had to search all over to find analysis of the plants, so I organized them here.

In the Democrat debate all 6 questioners at the debate were plants, reported by CNN as “Undecided voters”

  1. LaShannon Spencer – Political Director for the Democratic party of Arkansas
  2. Khalid Kahn – President of the Islamic Society of Nevada, and gave $2,000 to Harry Reid in April, 2007
  3. Catherine Jackson – Devout Anti-war protester
  4. Maria Luisa – Forced by CNN to ask “diamonds or pearls” question as opposed to her pre-approved question regarding Yucca Mountain, and was a former staffer of Nevada Democratic Party Chair, Harry Reid
  5. Judy Bagley – Leader of the Culinary Worker’s Union Local 226
  6. George Ambriz – Served as president of MEChA, a Hispanic organization that calls for anti-American activities and civil-disobedience

In the Republican debate there were at least 5, possibly 6 plants that were deemed by CNN again as “Undecided voters;”

  1. Keith Kerr – Retired Army Colonel, and steering committee member for LGBT Americans for Hillary. Appeared on CNN 12/11/2003
  2. Questioner “Journey” – John Edwards Supporter. Has videos under same account wearing “John Edwards 08” shirt
  3. David Cercone – States he supports Barrack Obama on his Profile page
  4. Lee Ann Anderson – Activist for the United Steelworkers Union, who support John Edwards
  5. David McMillan – Asked why conservatives haven’t attracted more blacks. He created the YouTube group “NewsInColor” which has many pro-Edwards videos
  6. Ted Faturos – Worked as an intern for Democrat Congresswoman Jane Harman

And people still trust CNN with their news?

Info about the plants;
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*UPDATE* Plant 7 and Plant 8 of the GOP debate have been ousted.