Monday, November 26, 2007

Leave It To The Trolls

In case you haven't heard, Dick Chaney is in the hospital for an irregular heartbeat. And here is the obligatory post on the inner workings of the mind of a Liberal Troll;

all i want for christmas is to see a blurb on tv saying cheney has died. - Fan of Man

We are praying for you Vice President Cheney…PRAYING THAT YOU DIE!!! - ProDem

DROP DEAD F66K HEAD !!!!!!!!!! - Give me back my country

On the other hand… can we impeach Bush now? - LibertyLover

Dick, we are all wishing you the best. The best funeral that one could hope for. Hope you suffer you POS - macd

a heart attack is too easy for dick. he needs a noose just like saddam. - Fan of Man (again)

Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please…….could santa be real and give us all our christmas wish early?
Hague Trials ‘09
Buck Fush - Buckie Boy

If I may add to all the heartfelt condolences - rot in hell - gumby

Satin. Hes waiting in the wings for you CHENEY ! Burn in hell… - Give me my country back (again)

At least one person speaks truth;
Congratulations, you guys! All these posts wishing Cheney dead will no doubt make Think Progress, already “one of the most dangerous organizations in America”, even more famous.

You people are making the Reich Wingers’ job much too easy!

Easy indeed. The DU forum about the incident isn't much better.

I can hear it already "But the views expressed by the commentators don't fully reflect the views of the creators of this page. We can't control what people post. We respect their first amendment right."

You are the creator of that page, and as such, you are liable for the things stated on that page. The first amendment states that yes, every person has the right to free expression/religion/assembly/etc...SO LONG AS IT DOES NOT INFRINGE UPON ANOTHER PERSON'S RIGHTS.

There is an easy way to minimize outbursts like this;
Require a website login to post comments, and if some one is doing things like this, revoke their right to comment.

*UPDATE* - TP is actively monitoring their comments. Many have disappeared since even starting to write this post.