Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Let's Get Something Strait Here

I'm sick of all the sports "analysts" blaming the USC Trojans loss to Stanford on John David Booty's broken finger, saying that it made it so that he couldn't play well.

Bull S@&#!!!

Let's look at the game's statistics shall we?

Booty was 24/40 on passing with 364 yards in the air, including 2 Touchdowns. Hardly a "bad day" when you look at that. Pritchard on the other hand was only 11/30 for 149 yards.

USC racked up almost 460 yards of offense in that game compared to only 235 by Stanford. They key was the 4 interceptions that Booty threw. Three of them were thrown when the Trojans were right around the USC 35 yard line, one of which was run all the way back for a touchdown.

By all accounts USC should have man-handled Stanford, but they came in over confident and under prepared, and they paid for it. You can't blame it on something like a broken finger when the numbers clearly show another story. Stanford's defense simply played better than The Trojans.