Friday, April 08, 2005

Leftists ≠ Free Speech

So let me get this straight. One of the Loony-Left's main ideologies is free speech for all people, but when you look at the random pie throwing incidents that have come up, it seems like that is far from the truth. I can usually pick out the Liberals driving down the road because they have big peace stickers, Make Love Not War signs and things like this. They demand that you listen to what they say, and if they don't like what you are saying they will cut you off and try to drown you out. They seem to have this philosophy that they are smarter than you, and anything you say is rubbish. Now granted I can have a big head myself, but the instant I'm proved wrong I'll graciously back down, because there's no sense what so ever in beating a dead horse.

Lefties ask "How is liberal a dirty word?" Well, because liberalism is cream filled and ruins clothes.
Hat Tip: GOP and the City