Sunday, September 26, 2004

Campus Visit

I went to Knoxville to visit my best friend at the campus of the University of Tennessee. One thing I didn't realize was that this was homecoming weekend. I went to the game, yes, but all that is a different story.
So I'm walking down Andy Holt Ave on campus to get to "The Hill" to watch the Pride of the Southland Band do their tradition of saluting the hill. This equates to blaring Rocky Top as loud as they can, up the hill. (And hearing that, I realized how much I still bleed orange and white)
So we were walking over there and dead in front of us are these people carrying Kerry/Edwards signs. Now I was walking thinking to myself, "I ought to walk over there and either yell something about spitballs, or starting a chant of "4 More Years" due to the gene that runs in my family. How ever Kerry supporters did not get away scotch free. We had to return to my bud's room so he could pick up his ticket since he left it there. So we were walking back to Neyland Stadium and they had decided, "Oh, our 8 hours of lobbying are up, time to go home." so as we passed by them I had to do it. I turned around and yelled back to them "YAAAAY SPITBALLS!" One of the guys that was closer yelled back, "Why don't you come over here with those spitballs." A about yelled back "Hang on lemme go call the U.N. to make sure that's all right."
Then after than a few that decided to stay were passing out Kerry/Edwards stickers. I wanted them to hand me one so that I could turn around and rip it up in their face.

One good note, there was no need for the Bush/Cheney crew to lobby since 80% of the students wearing stickers had on "Vols for Bush" stickers.