Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Kerry Camp Linked To "Memogate"

Fox news broke today that the Kerry camp had a possible major connection to CBS and the whole Memogate issue that has ruled the news the past 2 weeks. CBS called this man,

Joe Lockhart to tell the Kerry camp that "a man in Texas, Bill Burkett, was interested in helping the Kerry-Edwards campaign." Lockhart denies anything to do with the whole ordeal, which I can see that. CBS calls you to say, "Hey this is what we're doing, just letting you know."
Now if news breaks that CBS calls saying, "Hey' here's what we WANT to do, what can you do to help us?" Then I'm going to be pissed because that's 2 ties to huge illegal operations by the Kerry campaign. The first being, of course, Kerry's one step link to MoveOn.org, Kerry's personal 527.

More news on this issue later.