Sunday, September 19, 2004


Talk about a miracle! The Tennessee Vols played the Florida Gators last night and that was an INCREDIBLE game. The Vols had the game tied up at 21 in the 4th Quarter, but a late drive by the Gators made it 28-21 with 7:43 left in the game. Vols got the ball back and scored the potentially tying TD with 4:17 left. For the extra point, snap, set, kick...WIDE RIGHT! The score is 28-27 with 4 minutes left to go. The Vols held fast and recieved a punt with 55 seconds in the game, from their own 42, with no time outs. Two passes later the Vols were at the Gator 35 yard line with 13 seconds left. The Vols kicker, Wilhoit had one chance to redeem himself.

(This is a 50 yard kick) Snap. Set. Kick is up. It is....

GOOOOOOOOD! With only 6 ticks left in the game!

The whole stadium goes CRAZY! The bad thing about it though? I had the chance to go to the game, but I declined it. Oh well, I'll find another time to go to a UT game