Saturday, September 18, 2004

Vietnam Games Break Out

First Person shooters are the newest and biggest thing for gaming now-a-days. First it was the World War 2 genre that came from games like the Medal of Honor series, Battlefield 1942, and Call of Duty to name a few. The next generation of games takes another step forward in history to Vietnam. These games show the true nature of Vietnam for the people who had REAL combat experience for more than 4 months.

Electronic Arts has put out another "Battlefield" type game, Battlefield Vietnam. (PC)
Sierra (the company that created the hits Half Life and Counter-Strike) is coming out with a new game, Men of Valor. (XBox/PC)
Kuma\War has come out with a new mission where you are the commander of PCF-94, the Swift Boat that John Kerry was on. There's even a likeness of Kerry in the game. The game consists of 1 mission in the Mekong Delta. My guess is that you're on the boat, a guy jumps off and it's your job to shoot yourself with a grenade, then rescue the idiot that jumped off. Notice in the screen shots the men stand as though being shot at, but (most games have tracers for where the shots are coming from) there are no tracers...

Caution: Kerry rates these games M for Mature, due to" raping, cutting off ears, cutting off heads, taping wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turning up the power, cutting off limbs, blowing up bodies, randomly shooting at civilians, razing villages in fashion reminiscent of Ghengis Khan, shooting cattle and dogs for fun, poisoning food stocks, and generally ravaging the countryside of South Vietnam." All of which never actually happen in the games.

Recommended movie:

We Were Soldiers

Hat Tip: Kerry Haters