Friday, September 17, 2004

John Kerry AWOL?

Kerry Haters posted today that John Kerry may have been considered AWOL for many months. He was released to the Naval Reserve on Jan. 3 1970, but wasn't transferred to inactive duty until July of 1972.

Side Note: Bush signed up to work for the Texas Air National Guard for free. "A search of the web led me to AF Form 1288 (front/back) in which 1LT Bush requests duty in Alabama on May 24, 1972. Block 17 shows that the request is "no pay, training category G." In the approval section, it is clearly disclosed that this is "pay group none." Why is this important? Regardless, of the ultimate unit he ended up training with, it shows that 1LT Bush was willing to train without pay. The old media remains focused on pay records!! In regards to pay records, USA Today states, "They show he was paid for 82 days in 1972 and 1973, but show no service for five months between April and October 1972." Pay records would show no service during this time period because he was not paid! 1LT Bush served his country without pay. That is why there is no pay record."