Thursday, September 30, 2004

Fox News Reports

A Fox News analyst used the term "Spin Alley" to describe the hoard of news reporters that are going to be waiting in a lobby outside the Debate tonight. No doubt the masters of Political Spin MSNBC, Associated Press, and the NY Times will be at the epicenter of the rotation. No doubt these sources have already claimed Kerry as the winner, even if he decided to skip the debate all together. They would probably claim it as a "bold move that shows Kerry is better than a warmonger who wants to pick a fight."

My brother told me in 2000, that the greatest thing about the election was hearing I think it was Dan Rather saying these words. "President elect, George W. Bush." This year, I want to hear Alan Colmes say it. After his comment last night that was down right stupid. It was something to the affect of, "Let's just go ahead, elect Kerry and get it over with." I was stunned, then I looked at the Fox News page that has Colmes' description as "Your favorite liberal" as well as a picture of his new book, "Red, White, and Liberal" And he's a typical Liberal too, "Your way is wrong, and I'm not going to give you a chance to make your point." Well, at least Hannity is there to put Colmes in his place every night.

One thing did make me laugh pretty loud last night though. Gore and Dole met to discuss the candidates and their strategy on how to win, But the funniest line of the event was this:
""It just makes me sort of - uhhh - sigh," said Gore, whose heavy sighing during answers given by Bush during a 2000 debate got much unwanted attention."