Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Kerry Daughters on VMA's...BOOOOO! Literally!

Yeah, the Kerry daughters got booed by the people at the MTV Video Music Awards. Yes there were some cheers from the people like Linda Rondstat trying to scream hurray over the massive boos. MTV reportedly had to edit out the boos in a carefully crafted cut scene to a different camera. The daughters were added to the list of people to speak since the head-honchos at MTV felt it could swing some of the MTV viewers to believe what they feel you should.
So add MTV to the list of the Kerry/Liberal-loving TV channels that claim to be Politically "Independant."

And be sure to read the article that is there while the video loads.

And being booed must just run in the Kerry family, as their dad was booed in his own state as he threw out the ceremonial first pitch in the Red Sox/Yankees game at Fenway Park July 25th. Kerry must have a great 12-6 curve ball because the ball sunk to the ground in front of home plate. The ironic part? The catcher was a guy who had just returned home Iraq, and had also served in Afghanistan before that.

Wow, he even looks like a girl trying to throw the ball...I bet my 2 month old cousin could throw more heat.