Monday, September 13, 2004

"Kerry Lied While Good Men Died"

That's the slogan for a new group, Vietnam Vets For Truth, that rallied in front of the Capitol building yesterday. If the senate was in session and it was meant to attract the attention of Senator Kerry, I'm certain it failed because Kerry was probably absent as he has been for most of the Senate hearings this term. It's a pity that only the Associated Press was there to report on the event. I wouldn't have seen that it happened had I not been flipping past C-SPAN at the moment. I watched the President for Swift Vets speak and then after him a powerful speech by a widowed woman who's father had been killed in action in Vietnam. This is a summary of part of her speech

"My father died in Vietnam, and ironically at about the same time, John Kerry was applying for his first purple heart from a scratch" - Laura Armstrong

In other news, a spokesman for John Kerry's Vietnam Campaign wishes to end the ads that attack Kerry's shady Vietnam service. This once again shows Kerry's double standard, "I can say whatever I want, but you can't do anything to me." Kerry whines like a little baby about the Swift Vets ads revealing the truth behind his "Heroics" and he asks for Bush to call an end to them, right before he unleashes a multi-million dollar campaign from the easily linked group,
Where as the linking between Swift Vets and Bush that the NY Times created was more along the lines of "Six Degrees of Separation Between You and Saddam Hussein" There is ONE degree of separation between Kerry and, and that is Zach Exley.