Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Why Bush's Service Isn't a Big Deal

Bush served in the Texas Air National Guard. Yes he did skip some drills, but that's means nothing now. The reason why? Because it's not the foundation of his campaign! The Kerry Camp created fake memos to slash at Bush's Guard service, but they're not really going to hurt him in the polls. Kerry on the other had is a different story.

John Kerry went to Vietnam for 4 months, got one legitimate Purple Heart, weaseled his way into 2 more, got a Silver Star, and a Bronze Star. The basis for his Bronze Star is under speculation because Kerry himself in his book said they were NOT under fire the day he "saved the guys life." His Silver Star is also another exaggeration that Kerry has told. Not only that, but IMMEDIATELY after Kerry returned home, he basically threw away ALL of his medals in disgust, then claimed that the people he served with were animals, rapists, and murderers.
Then Kerry has the nerve to consider himself a war hero after he did all of that. This is a man that thinks he can say whatever he wants.


As the saying goes, "There's what John Kerry says, then there's what John Kerry does."