Monday, October 25, 2004

Why Do We Have The Electoral College?

**UPDATE!** I am getting a lot of traffic from Google Image search for the electoral college graphic on this post. Could someone please post in the comment section where you are coming from, or if you are just looking for that image. I'm rather confused.

One good reference is to look at Canada. Over the past decades Canada's leaders have become more and more liberal thanks to the fact that they have a simple popular vote election. This makes it very easy for the people living in high population areas to overwhelm the lesser people who live in rural areas. Just look at the 2000 election.

Al Gore only won 21 states, Bush, 29. Now look at a more in depth map of who won what. Look at this statistic, Al gore won only 676 counties, a square mileage of a little over 575,000 square miles. Bush won 2,436 counties, with over 2,432,000 square miles

Another look at the map will show exactly what Democrats do, sap votes from the largest cities in the state, that way it doesn't matter if the rural areas will vote against you.
California - San Fran, San Diego, and LA were enough to over throw the rest of the state.
NY - NYC, Albany, and Buffalo vote democratic, and take the state.
Michigan - Detroit, and a few other large cities take the state
Washington - Seattle takes the whole state
Illinois - Chicago, De Moines Area and East St. Louis take the state
Minnesota - Minneapolis takes the whole state
Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh and one other takes the whole state.

This is why Canada is continuing a downwards spiral of liberalism, because the liberal big cities out weigh the little people. If Canada's not careful, the people in The Northern Territories, and the less densely populated states are going to eventually leave. We did it here 140 years ago.

This is why we need the electoral college, so that the emphasis is not appease the cities, and screw the rest. You actually have to try to do good for everyone. Rural life is a ton different from life in the big city. Things don't cost as much because people don't make as much, and moral beliefs are more strictly followed.

Also, USA Today has a great article about the polarization of city life and rural life. It compares Franklin, TN to Montclair, NJ. Now mind you Franklin is my home. I grew up there for all but a year and a half of my life. Most of the stuff in the article is true. Yes the "slums" of Franklin are predominantly black or Hispanic, but that is because the people who live there dropped out of school for some reason, not because of discrimination. I went to school there