Thursday, October 21, 2004

It's A TRAP!!!

Well, I now know what it's like to be surrounded by leftists and have to word your way around a group of people who refuse to switch their thinking. (I can't blame them though, I wasn't about to change mine either) I went to celebrate a friend of mine's 22nd birthday party the other night at a pool hall and it was enough that he's from DC, and quite liberal himself. He's an awesome friend and really has no enemies, but I avoid politics like as they say the elephant in the room no one talks about. Well, I'm sitting there talking to some of the people that I knew and one starts talking about their blog, Culture Warrior. I blurted out, "Cool, I've got one myself." (and about that point I had to smack myself mentally for saying it) As I mentioned there's a gene in my family that we have to confront people of opposing views whether we want to or not and have some sort of debate. So I give them the address to here, and they go, "Oh! You're a REPUBLICAN! I'm so left, I make Ralph Nader look right wing." So then it was on, me surrounded by 4 people, all of which quite left wing. I felt like my brother does every day in NYC, as he says, "A Republican living in New York is a lot like an coke addict, about to hit rock bottom...Being a Republican in New York is hard; you really have to know how to blend in and try not to show your cards."
So there I was, having to listen to the leftist ordeals, being pro partial birth, well, just about pro everything. At that point I just shut up and watched the Sox beat the Yanks because I didn't really care to be cornered.
It was a fun night, I got to do my usual at bars, since I'm not YET 21, I got to sit back and chuckle at the drunks and their actions.
hat tip: The Man

Other News: Electoral College Predictor has Bush coming back to about 20 electoral votes behind Kerry after picking up some key states. In the past month It's been Bush at 290+ and then Kerry ay 290+. I find it cool that a left leaning web creator (just read the page, you'll see it) can do a non partisan, and non biased vote prediction. As a news commentator stated, It's not a single election of 1 nation, it's a combined election of 50 individual states.