Wednesday, October 20, 2004

World Series? Who Cares! I Wanna Watch The LCS!

Who would have thought that the league championship series would have come down to how it is? Yankees up 3-0 And Boston rallies back to force a game 7 for the first time in Major league history. And the Astros come back from 2-0 to my team, the Cardinals, to being ahead 3-2 coming into game 6.

Now I'm not one to diss the Yankees, but what No-Rod did last night gave baseball a bad name. That was just down right dirty. to stoop as low as to try to slap the ball out of his glove, then in an interview with ESPN saying, "I know that line belongs to me and he was coming at me. Once I reached out and tried to knock the ball, the call went against me. I should have just run him over." Now that's the kind of talk I'd expect from a linebacker, not a baseball player. I hate to say it Steve, but his swat was just plain dirty.