Saturday, December 04, 2004

Been A While

I've been busy with class work and tests lately, but GOP and College is still here.

And now for some more news that makes me wonder where the loony-left is going.
I was listening to Rush Limbaugh before Thanksgiving and I have learned that I am a victim of the secular public school system. Although Thanksgiving yes was originally done to give thanks t othe Native Americans for their help at Plymouth Colony, I also knew it was a day to give thanks to God for his blessings on this earth. What I didn't know is that George Washington himself ordained the day as a National Holiday just to give praise to God, and that it was a 3 day holiday, not one day. I was never taught that. I'm a sophomore in college and I had no clue of the real story. I had always heard the tales that the school had told me. The schools I went to actually taught the students the story of Passover, and Hanukkah, but they would not tell the story of why we celebrate Christmas, and they refuse to tell the Godly side of Thanksgiving. Thanks' liberal elites and ACLU. Merry Christmas with the coals you get in your stockings.

Another thing I heard of was kind of a 2 sided thing. I was listening to The Hannity Radio Show and they were discussing how ultra-liberals are basically going against the morals that parents are trying to teach their kids. There are kids in schools getting demonstrations (with say a cucumber or a banana) on how to put on a condom...and this is in something like 5th grade! People wonder why so many kids are fooling around at such a young age and yet you blame the parents, not the school for giving subtle encouragement? What the crap. I was always taught that the safest sex there was was no sex at all. It's the truth. There is no possibility of getting STD's or an unwanted pregnancy if you don't have sex. I feel that the parents should be the ones to give their kids the "birds and the bees" discussion.

I told that story to get here. The other thing I heard absolutely outraged me to the point of about calling into the show. If I hadn't been driving, I would have picked up and called. There are schools in CA that have banned teaching from the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE! This is our countries FOUNDING article. If it weren't for that declaration, we would still be kissing the Queen's old tush, and they're wanting to not allow it to be taught? This is so bad that even Alan Colmes, the ULTRA LIBERAL host on Hannity and Colmes is even going out there to say "That's not right." These are the same people that in Maryland say you can give thanks t anyone on Thanksgiving, except to God. The same people that in schools if you say Merry Christmas, you get disciplined. And these are the same schools that won't allow a Christmas tree to be put up, but will have a giant Minorrah (sp?) sitting in the front entrance to the school.

"LA (Reuters) - A California teacher has been barred by his school from giving students documents from American history that refer to God -- including the Declaration of Independence. "
This is an excerpt from Wizbang, and there is a comment on there that I really agree with from -S- when he/she says
"It's alright for liberals to "push" liberalism and 'wear it on their sleeve" by explaining to students why, as a liberal, that religion 'should be" disallowed and removed from making any reference...
Point is is that everyone, even atheists, practice a religious freedom. And everyone, even and especially atheists, "push" THEIR "beliefs" on others...but the standard today seems to go, by liberals who populate school boards and media and entertainment, that, as long as you oppose mention of Christ, God (those two words, particularly), then YOUR "religious freedom" is acceptable."

Where is this country going if people think that this is acceptable? I just can't believe what's going on.

Hat tip - Flopping Aces