Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Down, But Not Out

Katrina out a beat down on the Big Easy all of yesterday, and the repercussions of it can be seen now as most of the lower part of Louisiana is under water. And even though the storm is very weakened, its ruminants are bearing down on Pulaski, where I work. Coming to work this morning it was starting to pick up wind wise, and last night while I was comfortably in my apartment, I looked out to see the wind blowing the rain UP the roof of the buildings. It was similar to when Hurricane Andrew's leftovers hit TN back on the day. But as of now, here's where Katrina is.

Pictures of the aftermath:
An oil rig from the gulf gets trapped under a bridge in Mobile.
Bourbon Street is a mess.
The Super Dome looks terrible
Katrina cutting through TN