Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Week 7 Predictions

Rednecks and Muse: Yahoo! says Muse by 7
This one I'm a bit iffy on. I KNOW that with Green Bay playing Minnesota and the Rams playing the Saints, Favre and Holt will tear up the points, but The Colts are playing the Texans so James is going to have another monster game. This one will be close, but I think that I'll still come out on top. Rednecks 65-63

Blue Balls and Gunfighters: Yahoo! says Gunfighters by 8
Looks like Gunfighters have a stacked week. Blue balls have some decent matchups, but not enough to over come the opposition. Blue Balls will continue their slide to the rear, and Gunfighters are liable to get 80+ points. Gunfighters 75-50

RFTR and webcats: Yahoo! says RFTR by 5
Well, I can assure you this will be a much higher scoring game than that. RFTR is very under-rated. The only way webcats can win is if injuries suddenly stricken most of his players. RFTR with the W, 64-42

T(v)RWC Giants and bRight & Early: Yahoo! has bRight & Early by 8
Indianapolis at Houston, and Giants still have Payton on the bench. Denver I think is going to pick Eli apart, while Payton is going to be sitting on the bench racking up a record breaking week AGAIN (Harrison and Manning became the highest TD pair in history last week at 86 connections). I'm actually going to go with the lowest scoring team in the league this week. Giants will lose again because they decided to play their favorite teams instead of the better players. bRight & Early with the win, 40-35

*UPDATE* Giants got the hint and put Payton Manning in. Just to tell you how good of a game he's going to have, Yahoo is predicting a 16 point game (2 scores and 200 yds). Mind you this is when they predicted Shaun Alexander to have 120 yards and 1 score (12 pts) in week 6, instead he got 4 scores and141 yards. Expect Manning to get over 300 yards and 3 or 4 scores. (24-30 points)
Also I'm now changing my prediction to Giants winning 70-40

Shortbus and The Fonz: Yahoo! has Bentley by 32
This is going to be the greatest slaughtering since Georgia Tech faced Cumberland and scored 222 points to their none in 1916. Although I don't predict another 100 point game, he will still kick the crap out of Shortbus. Fonzey wins, 75-20.