Thursday, November 24, 2005

GOP and College's In Depth Look


Well, I'm a day late on my looking at the matchups, but that's nothing to worry about.

First off, for the 3rd time this season, The Clash Of The Titans. The number one and two teams are going head to head. The Vegas lines say I'm up by 6, and I think that'll be about right. However the 72-66 that it's predicting I think is slightly short. Both of the teams have too many monsters on the squad to have a game below 80 or 85 points. However much of this game will be determined by how well the Giants can stop Seattle's run game. I'm going to stick with the 6 point win for me, 88-82.

Blue Balls and Muse looks like it's set to be close. Both teams have okay matchups, but it doesn't look like either team will have players with over 10 points. I think Blue Balls will take this one, 65-62.

bRight vs. RFTR, heh, even though RFTR has lost 4 in a row and has been on about as bad of a streak as Blue Balls back in weeks 4-7, Blue balls kept from losing 5 in a row, and even thoguh he's only averaging just over 30 points in his last 3 games, I think this matchup is too easy for RFTR to lose 5 in a row. RFTR takes home a victory 52-45.

Gunfighters and Giants. See, this is what happens when you have nothing but IR people as your backups. Giants has been blasted with injuries and has 2 injured players. That's going to be their demise since Gunfighters has a very healthy roster. I think Gunfighters have got it, 75-55.

Shortbus vs webcats, here's a clash of the little men. If either of these teams score 60 I would be amazed. To me it looks like webcat's possible injuries help to even out the playing field with the rebounding Shortbus, but the best I can see this game is a tie at 55.

Also, congratulations to my brother, aka, The Man for getting his 100,000th hit