Monday, November 21, 2005

Ahhh, The Crown Is Back (Week 11 Monday Review)

That's right folks, unless Brett Favre gets sacked on every first through third down, or fumbles the ball on every possession, I again will be in first place in the HWC league. And I must say, it has been an uphill battle ever since week 5 when I initially lost the top spot. I was amazed to see that not only did I have a 57 point lead over The Gunfighters, but also that RFTR had lost AGAIN, this time to Shortbus.

Wow, talk about a downfall. And I thought Tennessee losing to Vanderbilt was bad. At least they were on the 5 yard line and had a prayer to win when the time ran out. RFTR lost by a whopping 28 points, and 3 of his 4 losses have been at about 30 points. This is his 4th loss in a row this which leaves me as the only team with an 8-3 record.

Well, I have broken it...Finally, a 100 point game for myself. I've had two 90+ point games, and many times when a simple change of players would have given me 100 points, but this time it came true. And it wasn't riding on the back of 1 man, or even 2 for that matter. I had 3 players with over 20 points, and 2 more with 12. On top of that Brett Favre is yet to play tonight on MNF against the Vikings. With any luck, I could have a 130 point game, and set the record in HWC for the highest score for a single game. One bad note is that my Tight end Antonio Gates went out early Sunday, and may have hurt his ankle. This is disastrous coming into a game vs the number one scoring team in the league. but at least now I have a cushion to fall back on if I lose.

Wow, my brother faced off against bRight & Early and proved me wrong again. This time he is ahead 89-62. He has Gado left and bRight has Moore left for the Vikes. I need to start rooting against Blue Balls so that they'll win more. This one should only get a larger M.O.V.

And I knew this would be an air game. Giants vs webcats, a.k.a. Peyton Manning vs. Kurt Warner. Both QB's racked up 21 points, but look at this. I want to show you the one sidedness of this game. Now if anyone ever has ever had the privledge of facing me in Madden, or NCAA football knows I LOVE to throw the ball, so obviously This was my kind of game. St. Louis had 353 total yards of offence. 347 of those yards were passing. In the whole game there were 12 rushes for the Rams netting 6 yards. The play choice was 43-12 passing plays over rushing. Then there's Arizona and Kurt. 39 pass attempts to 26 rushes, netting 278 yards passing and 94 yards on the ground. A total of 625 yards and 6 touchdowns in the air, compared to a combined 100 yards and one score on the ground. THEN, there's Manning. 40 pass plays for 365 yards and 3 touchdowns. It's a shame that was all these two had. No players left for either team, and Giants won 60-54.

And last, Bentley has a 16 point lead over Muse with just Donald Driver left for Muse, so assuming Driver doesn't get over 100 yards and 2 scores, Bentley should end up 2nd behind me with a 7-3-1 record.

Week 11 Vegas Lines and standings on Tuesday, In Depth Predictions Wednesday.