Monday, November 28, 2005

Oh, That's Right

I had almost forgotten about this little tidbit I found at Shoot a Liberal. PETA has decided that the best way to gain attention is to pass out fliers saying "Your daddy kills animals," or one that shows a woman butchering a rabbit that says "Your Mommy Kills Animals." And where do they pass these out? At the doors to a theater showing The Nutcracker Ballet. Who comes up with that as a marketing scheme? Let's look at the successful marketing ideas of the past, like Wal-Mart with the little smiley face that slashes prices, McDonald's with Ronald McDonald and Happy Meals, and Kroger and the Kroger Card. Now let's look at PETA's tactic...fear and violence. Hmm...sounds like a Islam-Extremist/Jihadist idea to me. I wonder if PETA's head honcho's have been eating too much Tofurkey this November.

Shoot a Liberal wants to get their tax exempt status revoked for being linked with terrorist groups, but I say heck, close them down and arrest the top people for doing such.

Here's an idea I had about this situation. Since PETA just loves every animal there is on earth, and I had an enjoyable time living in an apartment filled with Brown Recluse spiders, why not set a few of them free throughout their houses. See their philosophy is to do what the animal wants, and I figure, well, why not let the spiders get all nested into their new cozy environment. Let's see how long it takes the psycho activists to either 1) remove the spiders and have them put back outside, or 2) they go nuts and kill them all. Either way it goes completely against their philosophy, and teaches them a good lesson. Animals die in the world, it's normal for something to die when it doesn't want to.