Tuesday, November 29, 2005


That's what Glenn Reynolds has said over at InstaPundit. And I agree. The Iraq war is quite literally Vietnam reversed. In Vietnam, the politicians, media, and high officials said that the war was going great...And then the soldiers got home, and they started telling the true stories of the war.

Now, the Media, Liberals, and Democrats are saying that the war is going terribly...And then the soldiers come home, and they tell their true stories of the war. The fact that Iraq has made amazing leaps and bounds since Saddam was taken out of power.

So you don’t have to wait for the official version of what’s going on, or for reporters on the scene to get their stories to the folks back home. The troops send email, or pick up the phone, sometimes a cell phone, and call. This has caused a lot of confusion, because the media reports of what’s happening are often at odds with what the troops are reporting. This has been particularly confusing in a year where there’s a presidential election race going on. The Democrats decided to attack the way the war on terror, and particularly the actions in Iraq, was being fought. Part of that approach involved making the situation at the front sound really, really bad. But the troops over there seemed to be reporting a different war. And when troops came home, they were amazed at what they saw in the newspapers and electronic media. Politics and reality don’t mix. - Strategy Page

The fact is that people are able to have closer connections to troops now than simple letters to and from home. This can trump the fact that the media is the "source" of wartime information. And even though people agree that the Democratic strategy of "Make America Look Bad" is hurting morale overseas, Dems continue to do it anyways. And the "Great majority of people who want US troops pulled out now" is only 16%, which is actually many times greater than the actual support of the same thing in Congress. (Read the comments, and the Roll Call Vote is here)

The war is going good. All you have to do is cut through the liberal's crap.