Wednesday, December 21, 2005

HWC Final Bout Preview

Sorry to disappoint, but it looks like the final match in the Hot Wing Conspiracy league between Gunfighters (9-4, Coach: Wyatt Earp of SYLG) and The Pulaski Rednecks (9-4, Coach: GOP and College) won't be much of a battle. The stats show a Vegas Line update with Rednecks a 18 point favorite. A farther look into the game shows that Rednecks have some incredible matchups coming this week. Every Redneck is playing to the oppositions weakness. Denver vs. Oakland, St. Louis vs San Fran, Miami vs the Titans, and many others. Over on the Gunfighters side, the best matchups are Tomlinson, which is ok, and then his kicker. The rest are great team matchups, but it's like a wide out vs a weak run defense, or a good quarterback vs a good secondary.

I'm sorry, but I've got to go with Vegas and the history of these two teams, and say I'll be 3-0 vs. Wyatt, and league Champ. Sorry man.
Rednecks -85
Gunfighters - 65

There is a lesser known game between T(v)RWC Giants (8-5) and Bentley Fonzworth (7-4-2). Don't be deceived by Bentley's record, he was the top scoring team in the league with 955 points in 13 games, and with two 100 point games. He was 40 points ahead of me, at 2nd highest scoring.

I think Bentley will kick some tail and win it out, 75-60, because after a 1 point loss, you want to kick someone's rear REAL bad.