Monday, December 19, 2005


That's what NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg is wanting to do if the TWU goes on strike at 12:01 AM tonight. GOP and the City has a great breakdown of the numbers for this strike.

400,000,000 - daily cost to the city during the strike 7,000,000 - daily riders on New York's subways and busses 22,000,000 - amount the city is suing the TWU (per day) if a strike happens 62,000 - average salary of a subway and bus operator 25,100 - starting salary for a NYPD police officer 25,000 - daily fine for a striking worker 1980 - Last transit strike, which lasted for 11 days

$62,000 per year to drive a subway train? What a joke! Here's a list of people who WISH they made that much per year (averages unless otherwise noted):

Assembly line workers : Average $25,000 per year
Newly Graduated engineer: $50,000
Dental Technician: $30,000
IRS worker: $30,000-55,000

Physical Therapist: $58,000
ALL Material Moving Occupations: $16,000-40,000
X-Ray Technician: highest 10% - $52,000
Accountant: $50,000
Construction worker: $28,000
Clinical Lab Technician: $40,000
Architects: $55,000

You see there are some VERY high end jobs that are making quite a good bit less than a subway or bus driver in NYC. That is already the job of a lifetime. You don't do ANYTHING, and you make more than some people who spent 5 or even 6 years in college. On top of that you don't pay for your medical benefits, and you can retire at 55, after working for only 25 years.

My message to the TWU: