Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Update To AP-Ipsos Poll

The AP-Ipsos Poll and Yahoo story came out just one week after a Rasmussen Poll stated that 51% of Democrats, and 81% of Republicans. THAT was an even poll, with possibly a few more Republicans, but most likely a few more Democrats. How did I come to that conclusion? Here:
Assume that 100 registered and voting democrats were polled. Now add the same for 100 Republicans, and the same for 100 independents 51 Democrats would have said yes, it is the right thing to do, and 81 Republicans would have said yes, and 57 Independents would have done the same. This leaves 189 people out of 300 surveyed the action was correct. That makes for a 63% approval. Now add a balance of 10 extra republicans to the mix. A total of 310 polled. That boosts the number to 197 people out of the 310 polled saying it was good. Take the percentage of that, and you have 63.5%, which rounds up to the 64% the poll resulted in.
Now, to find the percentage of who was polled. In this situation, 32.25% were Democrat, 32.25% were Independent, and 35.5% were Republican.

Now this is just about a Worst Case Scenario for over loading Republicans. Now factor in that most people when polled choose a party affiliation, and we see another story. The fact is that the fewer independents there are, the more Democrats have to come in to make up the difference. Let's assume now that 45% polled were Democrat, 45% were Republican, and 10% were independent. This gives approximately 38 Republicans, 6 Independents, and 23 Democrats out of every 100 polled. This makes for a 67% approval. So you have to stack more Democrats to lower the approval.

Then the liberals go on to say that "They didn't ask the question right! Bush was breaking the law." Well, here's my question to you: If 64% of the nation agrees that it was the right thing to do, then why is it "illegal" in the first place? Or would the nation even care that it was "illegal" in the first place? And why haven't libs fessed up to the fact that multiple previous presidents have done THE SAME EXACT THING?

And now the Whistle Blower has emerged. Do I see a Federal Pen Jump Suit in line with his name on it?

Hat Tip: College Conservative Movement