Monday, January 16, 2006

The New York Times Is So Anti-War...

The NY Times is so anti-war, that they can't even tell a gun fired projectile from a rocket propelled Hellfire missile. The Times had a picture posted up saying, "Pakistani men with the remains of a missile fired at a house in the Bajor tribal zone near the Afghan border."

Let's do a comparison of the two objects. First, the accompanying article to the picture has this to say;
"The raid is believed to have been carried out by the C.I.A., using missiles fired by a remotely piloted Predator aircraft, on the basis of information gathered in an aggressive effort to track Mr. Zawahiri."
So let's look at what the Predator takes for it's armament. 2 Hellfire Missiles, which can be seen in a picture on this page.

I can see how you would mistake the yellow stripe (Like the ones going down the NY Times Editor's backs) but look at this!

Left: short, stubby and round, with a long tapered nose, an obvious artillery fuse on the top, and that weird looking ring on the bottom of it is the piece that locks with the rifling inside the gun barrel. My pick: a 155mm artillery shell, class, D562

Right:Tall, thin WITH WINGS, and a laser guidance receiver. There's the first tip off right there that it's NOT a missile. Hellfires weigh about 99 pounds and are 1.63 meters long, or about 5'4" tall. The man in the picture would have to be over 8' tall then to stand next to the missile how he currently is.

*Positive Side*
The American Thinker has even turned the picture into a great piece of evidence for the military to go in and do a raid.
"Not only did the NYT get caught in another lie, but they may have unintentionally revealed the village'’s cache of IED ordnance."