Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Partisan Opposition To Eavesdropping Terrorists

The latest AP-Ipsos poll aimed at gaining opposition to eavesdropping on possible terrorists without a warrant, came out that 56 people opposed the tapping, while 42 were for it. However a deeper look into the poll shows that 52 of the 100 respondents claimed to be Democrats. On the other side, only 40 of them claimed to be Republican. The remaining 18 of the people were not able to vote, and their party affiliation was not recorded.

The polling was so lop-sided that even the Associated Press mentioned that party affiliation was a major factor in the poll.

"What you’ll see is that the poll is weighted to Democrats by a whopping 12 points. At best, a 4 point weighting is in order. The overrepresentation of Democrats is more than enough to account for the poll’s result since the undersampled Republicans were much more likely to say no warrant is required." - Right Side Of The Rainbow