Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Democrats And Their Lack Of A Spine

Republicans were not afraid to stand up and acknowledge their disapproval with President Bush over the Dubai Port issue. However when Democrats are put in the same position by one rogue Democrat, they are quick to scurry away from any comments about the issue.

Ridiculous Page of The Afternoon:
DSCC claiming that "Anyone looking for a definition of the pre-9/11 worldview need look no further than at how leading Republican Senators have blocked Democratic efforts improve port security since the 2001 attacks."
In those lists of "Democrat efforts", they include the Dubai Ports Deal, when in actuality, most Dems opposed the port deal as well.
"Despite White House veto threats, Democrats and Republicans in Congress stood their ground against the president, backed by overwhelming public opposition to the deal." - Voice of America News

Also they give no details about the legislation that supposedly was for "better port security."

Nice try, but you're not going to get that one by me.