Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Now Is He A Terrorist?

According to the UNC Chapel Hill Chancelor, no.

"Some students have called on school administrators to label Mohammed Taheri-azar a terrorist for his March 3 attack at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Chancellor James Moeser has declined to define the attack, but experts outside of the school were not hesitant to offer their opinions." - The Charlotte Observer

However, as you can see, terrorist experts around the country are quick to say:
"Well, he's a terrorist...The only thing that makes this not look like a terrorist act is that he did a lousy job of it." - Solomon Bradman, chief executive officer of the Miami-based Security Solutions International.

Taheri-azar is going to be charged with 9 counts of attempted first degree murder, and 9 counts of assault with a deadly weapon.
However, he plans on using his trial to "educate people about the will of Allah." You know what reminds me of the "will of Allah?"

Another view of the "will of Allah" here. (Caution, real pictures of violence)