Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ophelia Ford Gets One Step Closer To Being Ousted

There have been 3 new fraud votes found in the Memphis special election that was held after her brother John was arrested for taking over $55,000 in bribes, an making multiple death threats to undercover FBI agents. This puts the vote count to 12 certified illegal votes (not including the hundreds of votes cast with fraudulant signatures, and things of that nature), only one shy of her margin of victory. And there are still more votes to check. There are still 44 more contested votes from people who were outside her district that voted for her. If any one of those 44 votes are deemed illegal, then the election will be tossed out, and Ophelia will be ousted from her spot.

But of course, this is strictly a race issue. Forget the fact that dead people, felons, and people not registered to vote in that district, voted for her. Or the fact that her family is known in Memphis for their troubles with the law. This is all because she is black. And sadly, people believe that.