Friday, March 03, 2006

Even Though It's True, MSM Will NEVER Cover It

I love Best of the Web. Often times they are the key provider of unknown stories that come out strong...Or flop face first because no large televised news service will air it because it counters their bias. A great example is this.

"Six months after Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans Times-Picayune debunks one of the anti-Bush media myths of that disaster:
On the day that Hurricane Katrina roared ashore, President Bush and a top presidential aide were worried about whether New Orleans' levees had held, according to a transcript of discussions among disaster officials on the front lines of the storm. Those concerns, expressed about midday Aug. 29, are in contrast to an image of a detached president.
Will journalists now apologize for perpetuating that image? Don't hold your breath."

A look farther into the article reveals even more concern about the people of N.O... And the lack of action by people outside the White House, and FEMA.

*Continuing the quote above* Those concerns, expressed about midday Aug. 29, are in contrast to an image of a detached president and also to what happened later that night. That's when an official manning the federal emergency operations center held off acting on reports of levee breaches as he waited for confirmation.

Transcripts of calls from the days before the storm and the days afterward have surfaced as part of House and Senate investigations into the slow government response to Katrina. But the transcript for the Aug. 29 conference call, initiated about six hours after the storm hit, had been missing. An official with the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that the call had been recorded by one of the participants and only recently came to light.

During the call, which began at noon, then-FEMA Director Michael Brown says that he had already spoken to President Bush twice that day.

"He remains very, very interested in this situation," Brown said. "He's obviously watching the television a lot, and he had some questions about the Dome, he's asking questions about reports of breaches. He's asking about hospitals. He's very engaged, and he's asking a lot of really good questions I would expect him to ask."

Later in the call, White House aide Joe Hagin asks specifically about the condition of the levees. Gov. Kathleen Blanco tells him that no failures were confirmed -- yet.

"We keep getting reports in some places that maybe water is coming over the levees," Blanco said. "I think we have not breached the levee. We have not breached the levee at this point in time. That could change, but in some places we have floodwaters coming in New Orleans East and the line at St. Bernard Parish where we have waters that are 8- to 10-feet deep, and we have people swimming in there, that's got a considerable amount of water."

But I can assure everyone that in the minds of "The Good Reverend Jackson," and the "never biased" MSM Bush was still only concerned about killing African Americans.

What a joke.