Monday, March 27, 2006

What A Little Baby

No offense to Wyatt, but I have to say, Jeff Gordon is one of the biggest babies I've seen in NASCAR. He gets pissed at Matt Kenseth for a last lap spin and after the race, when Matt was coming to apologize for it he shoves him very violently. But I've got a question for Jeff. How do you think Martin Truex feels after you very intentionally spun him out coming out of the turn and helping him finish 38th?

If I were Gordon, I'd quit griping about 21st and take what he deserved for wrecking some one else.

It reminds me of an incident in Late Models at the Music City Motorplex (formerly Nashville Speedway/Fairgrounds Speedway). Joe Buford was always known for being a very rough driver and wouldn't hesitate to put you around if it gave him an extra spot. One time in particular he first tried a bump and run on a driver in 3 &4, then drove to the OUTSIDE of him in turns 1 & 2, then cut HARD left and sent the driver careening head first into the outside wall. I still remember the sickening sound of that impact.

After the incident they were going to penalize Buford one lap for rough driving, but he decided to turn 2 years old again, and quit the race. He kept up his 2 year old maturity, and soon after that he quit racing all together at MCM.
"I guess the 24 ... he's got no respect for nobody. He thinks he owns the track, he thinks everybody should get out of his way and I ain't going to do it. I was doing what I had to do. I was trying to get my lap back and my car was pretty fast. He just dumped me." - Martin Truex Jr.