Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Malkin Makes A Point...

She comments in this article about an alien who allowed his work visa to expire 5 years prior to when he raped and murdered a woman who had hired a company to clean her back deck. Malkin points out that AP buried the fact that his visa had expired in the middle-end of the story with what seems like just a side note. Here is what the AP story states:
"Herrera, 30, a Guatemalan immigrant whose visa expired five years ago, had Mary Nagle's cell phone with him when he was arrested. He was convicted last month of rape and first-degree murder." (Malkin's emphasis)

However, I think Malkin missd something that I see as equally important.
"Herrera was working for a house-painting contractor and had been assigned to power-wash the Nagles' backyard deck. He testified that he had partied on beer and cocaine the night before and did not remember entering the house or killing the woman. However, he said, he did recall waking up next to her bloody body." (My emphasis)
Not olny had this man become an illegal alien 5 years before the rape and murder, but he was involved in some serious drug abuse. It is a known fact that many of the illegal narcotics in the United States come from Mexico, and other Central/South American Countries. And they are brought here by people who, they don't really even have to sneak, they just WALK across the United States Border.

*Note the first picture: " Alex and his sister tried to migrate to the US after hurricane Mitch destroyed their home.They left Honduras, with no money, trying to cross Mexico on a cargo train. The police caught them and deported them to Guatemala.Tapachula, Mexico,1999" So, you get deported for trying to get INTO Mexico illegally, but the Mexican government HELPS illegal immigration into the United States*

The border needs to be secured, and the country needs to be demagnetized to illegal aliens.