Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Myspace Bust

I created a myspace page for GOP and College to try and get a network together of blogs, but so far I've gotten 7 friends on Myspace. So if you have a myspace page for yourself, or your blog, stop by, and send a friend's request. And if you have a blog without a myspace page...well then, what are you waiting for? It has the possiblility to create a streamline of information between many of the top blogs in the 'sphere.

Imagine if people like Glenn Reynolds, Michelle Malkin (Oh...she's got one already), Flip, Ace, and many other big name bloggers were linked to a network, and with a single bulletin you could have a story break to those sites in a flash.

For example, Powerline and the Memo-gate deal. Let's say the Myspace network was set up. The editors at Poweline see the memos and post about the fact that they are faked. At the same time, they send a Myspace Bulletin about the fakes. Instantly, everyone on their friends list knows that the memos are faked. You're talking about a spread from one blog to 50, 100, or more of the highest traffic blogs on the 'sphere in the blink of an eye.'s free, it's easy, and it's FAST. Get one.