Wednesday, April 26, 2006

That Is One HOT Gun

Paintball gun that is. I am an AVID paintball player, and even was able to compete in an MSPA tournament in April of 2005 with Team DXM (Disciples with Xtreme Ministry). We placed 30th of 32 teams because it was all of our first true tournament, and we were VERY out gunned. I own a Syndicate Misfit, one other guy had one, we had one Silver Bullet, and the other 2 guys had mechanical Auto-Cockers. This is a time when shooting over 15 balls per second is standard, and we were lucky to muster up 6 bps. "But that's just spraying paint," you might say. Yes, but the other guy can't move while they are pinned behind a bunker. So, you take advantage of that and advance on them. But I'm not going to go into tactics...yet.

So, from here on, I am going to lightly dive into my favorite extreme sport, and enlighten those who do not know much about the fastest growing extreme sport in the United States, paintball!

If you have never seen a paintball gun, then allow me to show you the industry standard of paintball, The Smart Parts Shocker. This gun has become the most commonly used paintball gun in the sport. At a mere $600, you can shoot at over 15 bps, accurately and consistently. Now granted there is other gear, such as a mask, hopper, N2/Air tank, and other optional add ons, but the gun is usually the foundation.

I figure, why let jimmyb have all the fun showing off his guns? So I'm going to show off mine!

*If you're wondering the guy in the video probably went through 100-150 shots in 8 seconds (and yes, it was a shocker)*