Thursday, April 27, 2006

My Mom Rocks!

My Mom sent this to Phil Valentine after attending a town hall meeting about "demagnetizing" the United States to Illegal Immigrants (while staying a magnet to LEGAL Immigrants).


My parents live in Springfield Missouri, 4th largest city in MO. They do not have an illegal immigrant problem there. The unions visit the various job sites and check for green cards. Employers hiring illegals are reported by the unions. Thus, there is not a large number of immigrants in the building trade as there is here.
Pass this hint onto your friends in the unions here in TN! If there are no jobs they will not come. You cannot tell me that legal citizens have not been displaced from their construction jobs here in TN by illegals.

Shame on American businessmen who are hiring illegal immigrants for the sake of cheap labor and then throwing any cost of benefits, like health services, back on the American taxpayer. Shame on American politicans for turning a deaf ear to the people they are supposed to represent! This could be the quickest downfall for our great country.

Right on, Mom.

Another question. How come anti-gun liberalsclaim they would be able to track down and confiscate 200 million fire arms, but Open-Border Liberals can't track down 12 million Illegal Immigrants?