Tuesday, April 25, 2006

GOP and College Caption Contest 9

Here are the top 10 entries...of 10 for the Bombs Away Caption Contest, remember, the original (rubbed out) lettering which stated:
"KISS MY @$$
David Zlutnick
JANICE Carmona"

10) It has just been reported that an unmanned drone went down during a border patrol. Fortunately a replacement aircraft has been found. – Maggie

9) Hey you UCk SuCk weenies! Suck on this! – PCD

8) Recruits?! We don't need no stinking recruits! – jwookie

7) Preparation for Iran's president rectal exam! – Damon Z

6) Coach Vince Lombardi here. Let's get back to fundamentals. This is a bomb. It gets dropped on your enemies. It goes boom and your enemies meet Allah and find that he's real pissed at them for messing up his message and religion. Now, do you get the message or do you need to be shipped to a third world country like Zimbabwe or Dafar to learn for yourselves why we need a military to keep us free? – PCD

5) UC Santa Cruz: living up to the mascot of the "banana slug." – jwookie

4) You may have stopped the recuiters, but I'm going to be dropped anyway! – fmragtops

Gravatar3) ...I can't seem to find the 10 digit grid coordinate for the SAW meeting. – SSG K

2) Special Delivery, No Postage Due. – Radio Free Fred

1) I see your mini-riot and I raise you one 500 pounder! - PCD

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