Thursday, April 27, 2006

Loose Change Does Have Some Screws Loose

The hour and 20 minute internet movie, Loose Change, states that the government caused 9/11. Along with many other conspiracy theorists, here are what they "claim,"...and then I have what is actually known.

Dynamite blew up the world trade center - FALSE! They claim that the bursts of smoke and debris from the windows below the falling stories are dynamite blasts. Obviously, they have never taken a fluid dynamics class. Anyone who has pressed on a baloon knows that when you press one place, the air goes another. Make this a 208 foot by 208 foot by 11 foot tall balloon and you have the same thing. That's 475,904 cubic feet of air, at ambient pressure. Each foot that the towers collapsed on a floor reduced that number by 43,264 cubic feet of air. It doesn't take much reduction before the air finds the quickest way out of the building. Through shattered, or empty glass panes, taking any dust, papers, or other light objects with it. Thus giving the appearance of an explosion. MYTH 1 GONE
Explosion when the plane hit the first tower was twice as big as the fuselage. - FALSE! Something else had to be happening. - Umm...last time I checked, the fuel for powering a Boeing 767 is located in the wings...not the fuselage, so of course the explosion will be larger than the fuselage. MYTH 2 DEBUNKED
The pilot who flew the plane into the pentagon couldn't have flown the plane because he had trouble flying a Cesna. - FALSE! In an interview in the movie, they interviewed a guy from where he flew the Cesna said that he flew it "average." And anyone who has ever played Microsoft Flight Simulator knows that it is easier to fly the big, forgiving Boeing than it is to fly the small, agile Cesna. MYTH 3 KILLED
Another thing is that the light poles that were clipped by the airplanes looked like htey were taken down as oppsed to ripped out, or cut in half. - FALSE! They now make poles that are easy to break away when a car hits them. I would assume that the force of a plane hitting the pole would be greater than that of a car. Even if you take the equation of torque required, and's still far greater than a car. The pole would snap its easy-break supports and appear undamaged, if not bent where the wing clipped it. MYTH 4 DONE
But there was no trace of the plane! - FALSE! Now that's just Bull S#$% MYTH 5 KILLED
The I-Beams on the Pentagon were still there, but not on the WTC. - FALSE Um...there were no outside I-Beams on the WTC, they are all on the inside. MYTH 6 PUT TO REST
The path is more like a fighter jet. - FALSE! Last time I checked, jet fighters don't have a 200 mile turning radius. MYTH 7 DEAD
The list goes on and on. Why can't people just reaize that it's not always Bush's fault.