Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Representative Government No More

Zell Miller wrote the book, "A National Party No More" about the Democratic Party and how they had over the decades faded away from one ideology, and picked up their current Anti-Christian Values, Pro-Choice, Pro-Socialism stance.

Well, I need to start a book called "A Representative Government No More."
  • The government bows down to the 8% of people who don't believe in God.
  • The government panders to the 12 million illegal aliens, and is going to make them full citizens, when 65% of the population doesn't want it.
  • The government sides with the villiage idiots who were drinking under age, speeding, and not wearing their seat belts when their dad sued Ford for not making stronger windows.
  • The government sides with the few people in California who believe that a parent should not know if their 15 year old child had an abortion. (BTW, PLEASE visit here to see who supports Prop. 73)
Seriously, the government has become so concerned with the feelings of a few, that it has forgotten the rights of the majority.