Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Longer Than WWII

Think Progress declares that we have been involved in Iraq for 1,253 days , and proclaims that it is 9 days longer (up to today) than the United States involvement in World War II.

But let's see the whole comparison of WW II to Iraq.

WW2: Draft instated

WW2: Over 15 Million total deployed from U.S
Iraq: 500,000 total depolyed from U.S.

WW2: 405,399 deaths
Iraq: 3,178 deaths

WW2: 671,846 wounded
Iraq: 20,123 wounded

Thanks Liberals. Looks like Iraq is nowhere near as deathly or involved as either Vietnam or WWII. Whats next? Korea? The First Great War? Civil War? 1812? Revolutionary? French-Indian? Be my guest.