Thursday, August 24, 2006

Survivor: Race Based

Watching MSNBC this morning there was a debate between a Radio Show Host, and a Black Baptist Pastor over the new season of Survivor: Cook Islands. The debate is over whether or not the show's teams should be teamed up according to their ethnicity. Both the pastor and the anchor were on the side of "This is adding to the racial divide of the country," and in general pulling a race card.
However the Radio host had a pretty good point. That we are bickering...OVER A T.V. SHOW! This isn't "I was kicked out of my bus seat because I'm black," or "I was arrested by INS for 'looking hispanic.'" This is dividing a group of people on a common factor for a contest. This should be no different than if Survivor divided men vs. women, blondes vs brunettes, or anything like that.

Seriously people....You're making a racial issue of a T.V. Show!

Michelle makes a race issue of it, but wouldn't watch CBS anyways.

Scrappleface has an idea for next season. And I have to say, I would have to think about that one before giving it the okay, because extremists would be likely to get violent with each other.

And just heard on MSNBC: Baseball teams are being SUED for having a "Ladies Night."

There's nothing left to do but shake my head in shame.