Wednesday, September 06, 2006

9/11 Conspirator Idiots

I looked at this comment and couldn't help but post this.
Anyone in the United States who has taken even a high school physics course realizes that the government's explanation of HOW the three buildings fell is impossible with just gravity as providing the energy. Massive steel beams were ejected laterally and even upwardly, 60 or 70 meters outward. Gravity does not work laterally.
Obviously this "Scientific Know All" has never heard of Projectile motion, and/or has never played a game at a billiard table. Answer me this, if you hit a pool ball off center, does it still go strait? NO, it leaves with a certain velocity laterally, along with a partial amount of the velocity in the initial direction. Now, assume an I beam is hit off center as a building collapses. Same story, the beam recieves a velocity in the lateral direction which it keeps almost entirely while it falls. The velocity downward may increase, but the lateral velocity doesn't change very much. Now take into affect that the WTC were over 1200 feet tall, and that's a long time to fall. About 9 seconds by my calculations. 60-70 meters is about 200 feet, so a beam would only need a velocity of 22.22 ft/second to reach that 200 foot lateral distance. How fast is 22 ft/second?

I've had 2 1/2 years of physics studying, a lot of time which was spent on projectile motion. Conspiracy Theorists please, take off the tin foil hat, and read Screw Loose Change, and Internet Detective's Debunking of Loose Change. The "Scientific Proofs" that theses people claim, are so simply reversed, that it makes you wonder, "How ignorant do you have to be to believe them?"

Side note from SLC:
James looked into the Scholars awhile ago, and discovered that only a small portion of them were actually scientists; most of them are professors of philosophy, English, etc.