Monday, September 04, 2006

The Blogger Is (Back) In

I'm back from Indy finally, so where should I start? (click pics for larger version)
Well, I got to hang out with the guys of Jagermeister/Naylor Racing for the better part of the time I was there at the track. I got to meet Bill the myspace/marketing guy and shared a shot with him, met Max Nayolor (The driver) his awesome wife Jane, got a tour of the race hauler, and got to hang out under the Jager tent for a good amount of time.
Max consistantly ran very nice 6.73 second passes at over 204 MPH, however it was a meer 0.02 seconds out of the bump spot, so he did not get to compete today in the eliminations.
Oh yeah, and there were other people besides team Jager, but fun before fans folks, and Naylor's guys know how to have it. So after all of that...WHO WANTS TO SEE NITRO??!! OK!
Cory Mac shooting up more flames.

More flames

Teamates John Force and Eric Medlen
The Skoal Showdown was on Sunday and this was from round one.

John Force won the showdown and took home $100,000 for it.

I've got the online album up at Shutterfly. Just click the purple "View Pictures" button.

Thanks again to all of the Jagermeister Crew, and I look forward to seeing you all at the next event I can get to.