Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Slight Of Hand

Hullabaloo claims that ABC is in the tank with the right wing. Not true. Here is the claim that they make.
Are Disney and ABC becoming willing tools of the right wing? Or are they simply currying favor with James Dobson and the far right out corporate necessity? Either way, something very strange is happening in Mouseland.
They claimed that a show "Welcome to the Neighborhood" was cancelled because Disney is a tool for the right wing. But their error is in the report that they choose to reference. One from the NY Times. Of course they horribly misquoted it. Let's look at the facts

  • It would have been in a time slot used by Multi-Emmy award winning show Desperate Housewives
  • The show was under protest from the National Fair Housing Alliance
  • The show would have conflicted with the $450 MILLION netting Narnia movie
  • The producers were worried about people being turned off by homophobic language in the first couple of episodes
Folks this is DISNEY...the people who have a "Gay Day" at the park. Not exactly a radical right wing agenda. If anything they are just trying to make more money. Disney is like any other corporation in America. You are in business to make as much money as you possibly can. The only right wing influence to Disney was the fact that the largest boycott of Disney, had just been pulled. The Southern Baptist Convention, which boycotted Disney due to the Gay Day issue has recently lifted the ban on Disney.
That's 16 MILLION PEOPLE who are now potential visitors to Disney, at over $100 per ticket. Can you imagine the revenue lost or gained depending on this show? That is a potential $1.6 BILLION gain for Disney.

Money was the main reason for pulling the show, which cost Disney $10 Million. Not politics.