Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hot Wing Conspiracy Baseball Playoff Preview

There are 2 brackets in the HWC Baseball Playoffs. There's the Championship Bracket, and the Consolation Bracket. Here are the rankings for each set with their record, as well as a graphic of the brackets (click to enlarge). The top 2 teams in each bracket get bye weeks the first week, and the rest face off.

Championship (current):
1) Wookies Will Win - 145-99-20
2) Columbia Cardinals - 145-106-13
3) fmragtops spewers - 136-108-20
4) Baghdad Bombers - 132-105-27
5) bRight & Early - 137-114-13
6) Robots Eat Babies - 131-114-19

Wookies - Either way wookies look pretty darn good. They tied bRight, and are 1-0-1 vs. the Bombers, so I think that regardless of who gets the V in round 1, it won't be a tough match for them, until they get to the other bracket teams
Cardinals - The Cardinals, as I've said have the most winning weeks of all the teams (16 of 22) so the stats point pretty well in their favor. He's played both the Robots and fm once, and fm gave him his only tying week, and Robots were destroyed. When it comes to the other side, he's 1-1 vs. the Wookies, plus he beat both the bombers and bRight once.
Spewers - Fm's team has a tendancey to be very streaky, as was seen in the first part of the season, going 4 straight winning weeks, then 4 straight losing weeks. He won last week vs. SD, but then again, who hasn't.
Bombers - If the bombers can get past bRight, then the road ahead is not easy. They are 0-1-1 vs. the wookies, and if they get past them to the money game, the best hope would be to face fm where they are 1-0.
bRight - With 6 weeks ending in a draw, bRight may be looking to do just that bRight is 1-0-1 vs. the bombers, but the win was just barely at 5-4. This game will be CLOSE.
Robots - If anyone can spell predictable, it would be the Robots. He dominated fm, but then was mauled by both the wookies twice, and the Cardinals once. Best to look for Bronze bro.

My Predictions:
Round 1:
bRight loses to Baghdad Bombers
fmragtops spewers loses to Robots Eat Babies

Round 2:
Baghdad Bombers loses to Wookies Will Win
Robots Eat Babies loses to Columbia Cardinals
bRight defeats fmgratops for 5th place

Round 3:
Wookies Will Win loses to Columbia Cardinals in the final
Baghdad Bombers defeat Robots Eat Babies for 3rd place.

Final Standings,
Gold: Columbia Cardinals
Silver: Wookies Will Win
Bronze: Baghda Bombers
4th: Robots Eat Babies
5th: bRight & Early
6th: fmragtops spewers

For the other bracket, I won't go into detail about, but is the preview for the playoff to determine 7th through 12th

Consolation (current):
7) webcats - 126-115-23
8) The Glat-inators - 121-112-31
9)Akhtar the Divorcee - 123-116-25
10)The PAWs - 118-123-23
11) RFTR - 116-127-21
12)Poca Dots Blog - 113-130-21

Round 1:
RFTR loses to The PAWs
Poca Dots Blog! loses to Akhtar the Divorcee

Round 2:
The Glat-inators loses to Akhtar The Divorcee
webcats loses to The PAWs
Poca Dots Blog! defeats RFTR for 11th place

Round 3:
The PAWs loses to Akhtar the Divorcee in the finals
The Glat-inators defeat webcats for 9th place

Final standings:
7) Akhtar the Divorcee
8) The PAWs
9) The Glat-inators
11) Poca Dots Blog!
12) RFTR

That's the GOP and College preview of the HWC Baseball Playoffs. Tune in later this week for the Week One Preview of Hot Wing Conspiracy Football!