Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bush Family Linked To Nazi Germany?

It's true, but in a 6 degrees of separation way.

Here's how it goes. Prescott Bush, G.W.'s grandfather worked for Brown Brothers Harriman, a bank with accounts all over the world. One of BBH's Customers was Fritz Thyssen, a wealthy German industrialist. This was in about 1925. In 1926 Fritz heard the great propagandist (Hitler) speak, and was mesmerized. It wasn't until Dec. 1931 that Fritz joined the Nazi Party, but on occasion before then he "bailed out" the struggling party with funds, but not neccessarily from BBH.

So here's where the Libs are going to go ape-nuts.
In the 1930's Thyssen bought milions of dollars worth of gold, fuel, steel, coal and US treasury bonds from BBH. Thyssen then turned around and gave those assets to the Nazi Party

In the late 1930's Thyssen had a falling out with Hitler, and before the war started, he stopped funding the party. In fact, in 1941, Thyssen fled Germany to France, but was captured and was held prisoner until the end of the war.

Was there a link? Yes. Was it direct? No.

Source: Guardian