Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hot Wing Conspiracy Football Week 1 Preview

HWC Football is entering the first week, and I figure I should post the preview before the games actually start tomorrow.

Last Season, yours truely was the champion, and I intend to retain my crown. If I do or not is another story. Well, enough talk. Let's look at thematchups and my predictions, as well as the infamous "Vegas Lines" from last season. And for the Recap, Look to The Man at GOP and the City sometime early next week.

Hot Wing Chump-ion v. San Jose Arrowheads
This match is going to be a preview for the Shaun Alexander show this year. Alex will have another stellar year, but may not quite reach the heights that he got to in '05. And for San Jose, that's about it. If Alexander doesn't perform, their week is shot. I'm going to have to go with my team of many goods over one great. Chump-ions 58-55.

bRight & Early v. Robots Eat Babies
My brother's smack talk says it best, "I have Manning, Wayne, and the NY Giants Defense. I'm covered." It's not good when your defense is playing the best QB in the league, whether you have him or not. I'm going to go with bRight, despite the fact that they have an 0-2 record vs. The Man in football. Another case of many goods beating one or two star(s). bRight 60-55.

Rose Hill Reddogs v. fmragtops' spewers
The reddogs had a mean mean I'm saying it was mean TO the reddogs. With Kurt Warner and Pittsburgh's defense as their best players, I don't think this game will go very far from the Vegas lines. Spewers 60-45.

I hate Hillary v. The Columbia CRUNCH
Safety Man did his research and picked up a solid draft but if something happens to Larry Johnson, Crunch may have as big of a dud as Barry Bonds on his hands. Hillary looks like the clan of slackers. One player is on Injured Reserve, and the replacement doesn't look pretty. If Johnson is on, look for this to be the first blowout of the season. CRUNCH 70-40.

The Ball Sackers v. RFTR
5 extra points to Wyatt for the team name. The preview shows McNabb getting 12 points, but without his #1 target (even if he was an ass) in Dallas, it's hard to think that McNabb will have much. I say that even more because they are playing Houston. The team that gave up 143 rush yards per game. Look for Philly to pound the ground, and Donovan to get maybe 10 points. Wyatt won't need much seeing as Big Ben is out for the first 2 games, and the rest of his team is a bit lacking. Sackers will win an easy one 55-40.

Gridiron Wookies v. webcats
Will John's luck in baseball come over to the gridiron, or get stuck out in right field? I would have to say the latter. With players like the constantly in trouble Jamal Lewis, aging Drew Bledsoe, and flop Ashley Lelie, it's hard to see the Wooks winning. webcats shut down the wookie's baseball momentum 55-45.

Hector Vex-Trons v. Mr. Wolf Cleaning Svc
Edgerrin James goes to Arizona? Talk about getting the short end of the stick. Warner in St. Louis was one of the best pocket passers in the league, but behind Arizona's aweful O-line, he failed miserably. E.J. I think will suffer the same. Plus the young Eli is playing the family rival Indy, so look for him to possibly go in the red. I'm taking Vex 50-40.

Tax Dodgers v. Gumbo
My pops entered into the 2004 Hot Wing Conspiracy, and took 2nd place in the regular season, but then pulled the same fate as RFTRand was out in the first round to finish a disappointing 7th. He then went into football retirement, but made it back onto the field for this season. He has good players, it's just hteir drafting is a couple seasons behind. The Dodgers have a list of aging players that may not be able to perform as well as some of the younger guys on Gumbo's team. I think this game will be the week one nail biter. Gumbo 55-53.

And now for the infamous...VEGAS LINES*! The story is the same as before, home - spread - visitor with the predicted winner in bold.

San Jose Arrowheads - 6 - Hot Wing Chump-ions
Robots Eat Babies - 7 - bRight & Early
fmragtops' sprewers - 6 - Rose Hill Reddogs
I hate Hillary - 16 - The Columbia CRUNCH
RFTR - 17 - The Ball Sackers
webcats - 6 - Gridiron Wookies
Mr. Wolf Cleaning Svc - 4 - Hector Vex O-Trons
Gumbo - 2 - Tax Dodgers

HWC Football Preview

* Vegas lines are provided by Yahoo! and are known to be a *little* off. I do not make these, Yahoo! does.