Thursday, September 07, 2006

Turn The Blame

Willisms takes the story of Plamegate and turns the tables of blame back on the liberals in the media and everywhere else who tried to pin this on Karl Rove and Bush, but ended up with nothing.

On the list:
Lawrence O'Donnel
Arianna Huffington
Larry C. Johnson
New York Times
Liberal Blogosphere

Only one person looks better from all this, and that is President Bush. He was accused of going after a political enemy in a despicable manner, and now we find that the despicable actors are Bush's enemies. Bush said he would make every effort to get to this bottom of this affair, and now we have, just as he said. Bush didn't lose his head over this, commit any kind of coverup (à la Bill Clinton) or barricade himself in the White House, because he knew he had the truth on his side and acted accordingly.
Haven't you liberals learned yet that we live in a new age, and that your lies and slanders no longer go unchecked? Or that your news sources too often have the credibility of a Lebanese photo stringer?
Didn't Rathergate teach you guys anything?
Well said Will, but I think I can possibly one up that.

Remember, when you point your finger at someone, 3 more are pointing right back at you.