Sunday, September 17, 2006

I Can Still Support It

In The Tennessean today there was a letter to the editor which absolutely boiled me over.

How can anyone still support the war?

If you follow President Bush's intentions, they are so transparetn that one would think his mind is that of a child's.
Note his latest conquest to protect the military and politica figures who break the Geneva Conventions mandates from prosecution. He will state "We do not torture." If that is true, then why conjure up legislation to legally excuse those who do torture (and retrocatively to boot). (Bush, GOP senators disagree on terror prosecutions," Sept 14)
Going back to 2002, why does anyone stille believe all the reasons Bush offered to legitimize bombing Iraq when every one of them has been revealed to be a lie?
Why does anyone believe this is a was against terrorism when all the background information is out there clearly showing it has nothing to do with terrorism? This could have something to do with a memo to Bush from Republican party advisor Frank Luntz which rather clearly advises Bush to just keep lying because that seems to work best.
Unfortunately, there are people in our country who take on a loyalty that becomes pathological. For some strange reason their brains block out truth and objectivity.
And that's where we are, folks.
Frank Burger
Mt. Juliet, TN

I replied back with this.
In response to Frank Burger's letter (How can anyone still support the war, Sept. 17), I do still believe in the Iraq War. How can you preach about U.S. Troops violating the Geneva Convention, when the insurgents we capture and interrogate don't even give those rights to their own citizens. Every day there is news about 30, 40, or more people being violently tortured, maimed, and then executed by the very un-uniformed people you want to give those rights to.
As for the Weapons of Mass Destruction, the Center for Nonproliferation Studies has an extensive study on them entitled "Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle East." The study contains 46 points of WMD's that Iraq had, or could have possessed before we invaded.
And for letter from Frank Luntz, I assume you meant the "playbook" he created. The only place I could find any information like what you described was from Think Progress. The ultra liberal website who couldn't even get the facts right on their Air America Bankruptcy coverage.
It seems to me that "pathological loyalty" works on both sides of the fence.

'Nuff said.